Friday, August 24, 2007

Make up your own mind

The time has come to find out what we are truly made of. To genuinely know ourselves. To discover the limits. To probe the darkest crannies of our psyche and expose them before the harsh, cruel light of the public gaze.

Squid Ink prepare to return to the studio next week to complete tracking for our monster-hit-in-waiting full-length album due for release whenever we get around to it.

We had intended to complete the material a month ago but it was delayed when one particular band member went and ruined his voice on-stage a couple of days before he was supposed to record his vocal parts. This particular good-looking, bass-playing but unnamed band member is now in fine throatal health and ready to earn his heady paycheck with some hot singing for your pleasure.

A notable music critic has described one of our completed tracks as a “common Melbourne sound” which is a ringing endorsement, certainly. Another has said it reminded him of Fugazi with a touch of Bob Mould which is a description that caused Unrelenting Tedium — who wrote the song in question — to turn red in apoplexy.

Make your own mind up by clicking on Crossbreed

Monday, August 20, 2007

General Clean Up Around The Site

When my brother was nepotistically working as a labourer on his former school's new construction and had run out of things to do he was told to go do a "general clean up around the site"...this involved taking: a broom, a shovel, a wheelbarrow and Nick Greene, and disappearing whilst people who had skills and things to do went about building the school (or if you'd talked to some mistaken members of the school board at the time, a place of adult excellence and learning....which explains why we got such oddly expensive chairs in the library and economics room).
Anyway, it's time I took a wheelbarrow and Nick Greene and tidied up some loose ends...because I don't have enough meat for a real post.

1) I have writer's block. Fortunately it looks like Silky-D may unexpectedly (no offence intended, rather a salty old sea local-furry-squid just telling it like he sees it) be stepping into the breach. Still though...its been a fairly productive 12 months...all I could squeeze out tonight was the other bit for, the as yet unheard by the fans, Hare Trigger and a worthless unintentional rip-off of Bob Mould's Sacrifice (Let There Be Peace) which will never leave my hard disk.

2) Two separate people have said to me that as Crafty was able to drum and sing during Someone To Tell Me he must be really good in bed. While I know for a fact he is excellent in bed it still surprised me that this was evidence...and of course there was my usual burning resentment whenever anyone else in the band gets complimented...what more do I have to do to hog the limelight?!?!? How did Dave sneak in there?!?!? Also, don't me and Paddy also play things and sing? Are we not also masters in the sack...I certainly think we are. I'm sure once we unleash our cover of Who Loves the Sun the world will see that Silky is also a kind and considerate lover.

3)I had a Harpo moment when I found out my mother reads this blog...she had been given the URL by the band photographer. Pointedly, she doesn't comment.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Uri song...

And there's a riff too! Most of this came to me in the shower this morning. Chorus is a bit like 'Let's spend the night together.' Still need a couple more verses. But have to do some actual work now.

I'm closing my eyes
gonna visualise
Ill sing you my song
how could it be wrong?

beautiful words
are flowing into me
melody lines
are cascading through me

I've been talking to uri geller
he sure seems like a decent fella
he's been giving me good advice
telling me I sound quite nice

I went looking for cheap gimmicks
but that aint what Uri brings
if you wanna beat the cynics
instead of bending a spoon try bending the strings

(Solo. This has to start with a big string bend and contain much string bending)

Cosmic breakdown bit (needs some flange here):

the magic came to uri
long ago in distant israel
the light from outer space
burned bright into his mind and cast a spell

the people came from all around
to see this young amazing man
the haters chased him out of town
they said he was a charlatan

He wrote to me
from his blackberry
taught me to see
my inner chuck berry

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Objective review by impartial witness

Squid Ink were a band on fire at the Barleycorn on Saturday. Encouraged by a generous and friendly crowd — particularly good looking, as it was, and with badges everywhere you looked — and blessed with a judicious mix from Honorary Squid Neil the lads blazed through their set the way a shooting star blazes through the early-morning sky.

The Inks thrilled the audience with their searing opener Deadpan. Shock-and-awe tactics proved successful when their one-two punch of Nepotism and Hinny left the fans reeling from the impact. The performance art of the Squid Ink milieu had the fans expand their horizons to such songs as Crossbreed and Thin Walls.

By the time the redhot set approached its climax with such crowd-pleasers as Gonna Hear My Sound and Interspecies Carnality Blues the emotion reached a pitch that could start revolutions. And the band were in such a good mood that they went straight into their encore — Silky's energetic version of He's A Whore — without waiting to be asked.

This all came after the 7 Day Fools had vigorously shaken the Barleycorn with their winning soul-groove. What a Saturday's entertainment the fans got to partake in!

Add your agreement or perhaps a more objective review of the gig to the comments on this post.