Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Waiting

This is a period of waiting for the Ink, both collectively and individually, both temporally and teleologically.
We all wait for the album. The bits so far sound encouraging and also half-baked. I wait for my next son who is over staying his welcome in the womb by a good 3 days now. We all wait for Crafty's next post...though this is taking on a beckettesque feel. The wait is over for Silky's elevation to celebrity blogger pending pithy, multi-meaning (and no doubt, at least some of them, smutty) title...this will be in sharp distinction to Paddy's direct call-to-arms/cri-de-couer that is the title of this blog, which will now feel like Silky's more humble beginnings. The small town girlfriend before the exciting, exotic romances to be found in the big city.

We can and will get back to the studio but until this little monkey shows his wet and purple head I am in, to quote one of the greatest songs ever written, suspended animation, a state of bliss (the second half is not entirely accurate but lots of songs have suspended animation in fact I might write one).

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