Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Year Of The Ox

With births, sabbaticals, Olympiads, road trips and software releases out of the way 2009 can mean only one thing. The year of the Ox beckons Paddy forth to wear the skeleton suit as rock crashes down around us. Once more we have missed the opportunity to release a Christmas single but my work on Words From Ham continues...it may expand from taking in American Space Chimps to an open letter to Pete Ham...exciting stuff indeed. Rehearsals resume on Thursday, the first since the appearance of everybody's new favourite palindrome. Silky will have been screwing villa board to the studs and nogs of Uri and Paddy may well have turned viciously against more of his opera but will keep it to himself. We have levered our way in to the bakehouse but once more may be levered out as Thursdays cannot be an on-going concern for me (wifely calisthenics)...perhaps button-holing them may produce a Wednesday night...but I don't mind the Midian.