Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Lightning Strikes Twice

Boomer Amps

How much luck can have one Squid have?

Squid Ink won (and largely squandered) the major band prize in the 3RRR Radiothon in 2008...and for those watching carefully, an interesting parallel is that Roadkill Rodeo, the erstwhile band of the newest lengthy Squid, won the second, and in many ways superior, prize of two days recording at Headgap.

And so it was that we recorded precisely nothing at Paddy's house, followed by nothing at my house because the equipment was not the limitation...the band was the limitation. Also, there is nothing like dedicated hours with an engineer who knows what he is doing (and hello Trevor, for it is he!) in a room that is purpose built.

Nonetheless, a tremendously generous gift of pearls (perls, Harpo?) before our handsome bunch of middlewhite swines went totally wasted.

The dear folk at 3RRR have backed it up with another prize this year, just 7 short years later. To whit:


Winner: Squid Ink
Your own custom made 2 x 12" or 1 x 15" speaker cabinet for guitar or bass. Boomer Amps are handcrafted in Melbourne using recycled wood and vintage speakers. Unique design and use of materials, added with great tone, make each Boomer Amp one of a kind.

And because I paid for the last three years of subscription and because I got my amp stolen, I am bloody taking it! Considering I am the only one who writes and/or reads the blog, I am using this as formal notification to the surrounding Squids of my selfishness. All complaints may be lodged in the comments section below.

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