Friday, December 02, 2011


Christmas turns my thoughts, once more, to our lack of Christmas single this year. In fact every year we lack a Christmas single. And, indeed, we lack any singles at all, ever.

In to this hole that, as I have demonstrated, gapes in many directions and dimensions rushes the greatest and most cruelly overlooked Christmas single of all time (listen above).

Why do Slade and Wizzard and Mariah get a guaranteed flogging (or the Benny Hillesque drivel and dirge that is Fairy Of New York...why do Irishmen like nothing more than a cliche?), and yet this home grown gem gets nothing. The animation driven film clip can't even be found on youtube.

I realise I said this all the year before last and probably the one before that.

I also picked up the utterly charming A Very She and Him Christmas. No newies on it mind you. Not like the towering epic by the Mentals.