Sunday, September 09, 2007

Think Ink! Watch Ink!

Sadly too late for consideration by the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Squid Ink rockumentary has been completed (just in time for the lucrative European short film festival circuit).

Ever wondered what the hell Hinny is all about? What prompted Paddy to break his songwriting drought with a corker called Thin Walls? How Crafty felt to have Modern Doug Park pen a song just for him? Or why Silky-D insists on shredding Cheap Trick's He's a Whore at the end of every gig? Ever wished to know what the band would look like out of focus and in the dark?

The answers to these and many more vexing questions await above. Just click and enter the world of Squidvision…


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I was hoping a non-band member may comment first but our blogging lull has obviously sent them off to the 7 Day Fools blog instead.
What a magnificent piece of filmaking. I think it has echoes of Leni Riefenstahl's best work...I particularly like that it sounds as if everything has been played on a harpsichord.

12/9/07 07:55  
Blogger silky-D said...

no doubt about it, compression of the file has had some measurable effect on the sound quality -- turning us from mighty gods of rock thunder to a basket of gently-mewling kittens. It all makes me wonder about the several hours of my life I spent trying to match the footage to the bootleg recording taken off the mixing desk. Ah the futility!

12/9/07 10:05  
Blogger Paddy said...

Despite your misgivings about the compression, it's a fine piece of work. No doubt it'll sweep the pool at Cannes.

The dude on the next desk over at work described the video as “a bunch of guys drinking tea.” I feel compelled to reveal that it wasn't a tasty Earl Grey tea — white no sugar — in my mug. It was straight bourbon. Yep.

14/9/07 09:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from the previous posts it seems as though there is a bit of variation in the quality of sound... sadly on my listening it all sounded tinny, though with fairly solid bass.

quite a performance from all.

when might there be an album launch?

16/9/07 01:12  
Blogger silky-D said...

Hi anonymous,
actually it sounds horrendously tinny to everyone, Paddy is just being nice because -- apart from his weekly misanthropic rants -- it is in his sweet nature. Stay tuned for that album launch, just got to tidy up a couple of loose ends witht he mastering, run the cat 'o' nine tails across Crafty's back until he agrees to finish the artwork and then sell our bodies on the streets of St Kilda to get some money to press a few discs. PLus we're coordinating the publicity campaign for local, international and emerging marlets and negotiating with the lovely people at Apple to turn Inter Species Carnality Blues into an ipod commercial.

16/9/07 12:00  
Anonymous mrazzy said...

Well, I seriously alarmed several of my office-mates with "some rock thing", and clearly demonstrated that the combination of the file quality and my shitty laptop speakers genuinely can make everything sound worse, but I still loved it. Flashbacks to that heady night at the Barleycorn, and some moments of tender insight. Nice mixing, Silky.

17/9/07 09:54  

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