Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teacher aid...

It's taken a year of mangled riffing but I'm starting to think that maybe not being able to play the guitar might be a medium-term impediment to being in a rock band. After a lengthy period of reflection I've decided there's nothing for it but to bite the bullet and get some lessons.

Anyone out there know a decent teacher? Whilst this is certainly a general cry for help, I'm thinking more specifically of regular blog contributor Gigglewick, who has boasted before of her husband's deep roots in Melbourne's guitar scene and who offered very helpful, if slightly late, feedback during the search for the golden amplifier last month.

What am I looking for, exactly? I've noticed that when some people play guitar they appear to hit notes in an organised, almost premeditated, fashion. This observation has alerted me to the existence of scales. Also I'd like to know why some chords sound better together than others and why these magical combinations always seem to elude me. In short, the whole 'music' side of this being in a band thing. I'm in your hands, people.


Blogger gigglewick said...

My desire to respond to this question in a timely manner means my answer goes something like this....

"Whaaaa????? Naaaaahhhhh"

And you can't get much more rock than that.

My idea of guitar lessons is sitting on my bed with a beginners book while plaintively strumming the simplest song in the world (Neil Young's 'Ohio') so perhaps I'm not the best source here.

13/7/07 15:48  
Blogger silky-D said...

yellow pages it is then...

13/7/07 15:49  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I was holding off until we heard from the 'wick. While I admire your DIY attitude, and concur with its Good Rock Guide compliance, I can only speak from experience that the only times i have made advancements in my playing is when receiving could just be the regular practice which results...but its a bit like touching the monolith in 2001:A Space end up with an evolutionary jump.
Also, basic music theory is so straightforward that I shall enjoy it crumbling before the mighty, yet soft to the touch, intellect of Silky.

13/7/07 16:05  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said... actually answer the question...I found crafty's drum teacher through one of the sites like or some such...they have lots of options.

13/7/07 16:21  
Blogger gigglewick said...

I can't vouch for their good-ness,
but Ausband seem to have a bunch of music lesson dudes listed.

I've been racking my brains to think if anyone we know still teaches guitar but can't think of a soul.

Dammit, 'cause I was starting to feel like some kind of Neverending Story style oracle, too.

13/7/07 16:33  
Blogger Andy Fuller said...

i can't recommend any one in particular...but my bass teacher is also teaches the guitar. his name is jorge rodriguez. i really like him as a bass teacher. very dedicated to his student. if you would like to try him i'll pass you his number.
he's the third teacher i've had over the past year. when i've seen him play i haven't been bold over by anything spectacular, but he's an excellent communicator and is very precise about what i do wrong. i'm learning from him because i'll be happy if i'm as good as him. if i become better (a long way to go of course) i'll look for someone else.
what kind of styles are you interested in learning?
see you-

23/7/07 20:00  

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