Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caustic Acrostic

I have just spent a couple of days in the home of al fresco dining and bitter band disputes, Adelaide, with a salesman from the most rock and roll company that re-sells Avaya products, Les from NSC (a veteran of Squid Ink's legendary, but sadly unrecorded, first gig), and he shared with me some inspiring methods for many things. One of them I wish to apply to the band. I am not overly familiar with the self-help/motivational genre of books (arts graduates are well trained to sneer at such items with their invented verbs and passive voice) but there was an acrostic for success that caught my ear S.M.A.R.T. Now I wish to re-arrange them so they don't spell a word but make more procedural sense, i.e. S.R.A.M.T.
We shall acheive our goals and we shall make sure they are:

Timeframe (note to band, this would be better as an adjective like the others)

The last one we have trouble with in particular. I have two SRAMT objectives which I think are worth putting through this particular motivational wringer and see if they don't come out a bit drier at the end.

1) Record and put out the stupid and ever changing album. I have found the cash for the recording at Head Gap so we just need to decide on a date...and give it some SRAMT shape.

2) Play at the Big Day Out. Not this coming one but next (that is the Timeframe taken care of). This can be any festival really...I am so out of touch with the young people that it will turn out only bald men still attend the BDO and these days you flash mob (giving away my age again) or it all takes place on My Space (probably now just the province of pedarests)...none the less...gentlemen, let's SRAMT. I shall bring the butcher paper to rehearsal!

In more exciting news I have discovered that Mr Midian's name is Paul...and with this knowledge I feel I have gained something but lost much much more.

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Blogger silky-D said...

'I have found the cash for the recording at Head Gap...'
If we are all doing it then we should split the cost, in my opinion. It's not the money that bothers me it's the prospect of them laughing when I try to play the guitar. But on the plus side I've always wanted to stand in a plush studio, no doubt on a fine persian rug, and let rip. They always have a fine Persian rug if all those rockumentaries haven't been lying to me.

19/6/07 17:59  

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