Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A New Hope

Star Wars gets a bit too much of a run these days when it comes to cultural references which no doubt please the marketing people for the last three well-after-the-fact-cash-in pre-quels (which, despite many claims to the contrary, appear to have been written after the three originals...."don't you see? George Lucas is such a talented genius that he could see the technology did not yet exist to do justice to the first three films!!! Jar Jar Binks was in the mix the whole time, don't you see, but back in the late 70s black-jive-talking culture was too close to black panthers for George to fully realise his hip take on inter-stellar negroes...and the wookie just couldn't find enough tall guys back then...George knew, and knows, his shit...cynical and poorly executed cash-in?!?!? You better step outside motherfucker!) but sometimes the words of yoda really do fit nicely when your arts degree has failed to arm you with a more literary equivelant of which I am sure there are many.

When asked (something like) is all lost now that something or other has happened to Luke (probably still sulking because his Uncle wouldn't let him go and get the power converters) yoda replies that "There is another".

And so there is!

Paddy, or Princess Leia...although I think the resemblance ends pretty quickly after the metaphor begins, has written a song! And it is a fact it got complimented far more heavily than my new one...which made me feel a bit like Han Solo when he thinks that Leia likes Luke more than him..."Oh, I get it" is what I think he says, but he says this quite a bit in all the movies...George Lucas is widely lauded for his dialogue as I am for my lyrics.

In any event I have been humming it for the last couple of days, although I am disappointed that "Siren" became "Warning", in the bit about not wanting to know what it was for, in subsequent runs through.

Unfortunately I have not yet practised the riff, gifted to me, which overwhelmed me like the trap into which Admiral Akbar fell and caused Silky to grin like the Emperor feeling the hate swelling inside me.

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Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

"Wait!" I hear you cry "Are you Luke or are you Han in this tangled and streched metaphor?"...I'm not sure...both, potentially, cast me in a pretty good light. I don't think there are many who would not choose to be Han over Luke mind you.

16/5/07 09:59  
Blogger silky-D said...

Practice has also been curtailed for me. I am about to be sent off to sweet Adelaide to stake out David Hicks in a camper van outside the high security prison to which he will be delivered some time in the next week. Just as soon as I finish reviewing the new Travis album, that is. Could be a long few days.

For what it's worth I thoroughly enjoyed both new ones and chose to indicate my impartiality by playing them both equally badly (actually I probably played Han's worse than Luke's but my part was certainly trickier).

Also, I fear, I may be chewie in this scenario - big tall dude who doesn't contribute all that much and just grunts every now and then.

It was refreshing to briefly see somebody else struggling to nail down a new riff, although this is the sort of negative thinking that would no doubt have me in the thrall of the dark side pretty quickly.

Paddy, I am aware that I forgot to hand over your $25 the other night, what with the excitement of of our late night rescue and all I just plain forgot. You shall have it soon; please don't send no Boba Fett after my ass.

16/5/07 10:11  
Blogger Paddy said...

No worries, Silky, and to fill everybody else in on his cryptic comment: he and I disguised ourselves as stormtroopers and shot up a detention area in order to rescue a cyclist who had fallen off her bike.

Hooray! Finally — finally! — I dared bring a new tune in. Yes, Unrelenting Tedium, while I too thoroughly enjoyed Winding Down, I wasn't gonna let you get all the credit and take all the reward.

16/5/07 11:38  
Blogger silky-D said...

she was in mortal danger of being crushed by a trash compactor...

16/5/07 11:43  

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