Thursday, April 19, 2007

Charming Moments

Charming moment #1

Sitting with Paddy listening to the recording of the now famous "John Barleycorn Must Live" show. We chuckle as, in order, I fuck up, Silky fucks up, crafty fucks up and then in a burst of collective inspiration the three of us fuck up at the same time. After the warm chuckle subsides I turn to Paddy and ask "How do you stand it?" and Paddy replies cheerily "Well, I like you guys".

Charming moment #2

I text Silky to see if he can make rehearsal this week or is in regional Victoria as warned. The reply comes back:
Yep. Driving 2
echuca + listning 2
Barleycorn bootleg.

I see he spends his time as wisely as I do.

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Blogger Paddy said...

Certainly Silky-D has noticed that we produce good driving music but he probably also noticed that I fucked up the lyrics to Hinny.

You've written that first charming moment as though I never err; I am in the happy position that if I fuck up, the rest of the band assumes they did because they're not playing the same as me.

20/4/07 09:39  

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