Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Silky-D has made plenty in his time but in odd and happy news it seems we are now headlining on friday. Having seen first hand the ways of the journalist I decided to put some of my empirical research into action. I called Mike "Quarters" Quartermain, drummer for the Seven Day Fools, and told him I was Patrick Donovan from the Age and keen to get the skinny (authentic journalistic term) on why the Seven Day Fools would not be headlining on Friday night.
Quarters said:
"I too thought that strange...not that Squid Ink aren't at all capable of rocking the house late. I'll speak to our booking agent/manager/publicist/producer/lead guitarist."
Quite an insight, I'm sure you will agree. However...it seems we are on stage around 11pm.

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