Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the hinnymoon is over...

And soon the rock will recommence. Two weeks in the sun and doing all that young couples do has recharged this young squid, who heads into married life with not one but two new Stephanie Alexander Cook's Companions, a bunch of salad servers, a lovely tagine (courtesy of the singer songwriter), some aged plonk from paddy-squid and a fig tree from crafty and Mrs Craft that has probably been killed by our delinquent house-sitters during our absence. Borneo was nice, though the breakfast buffet suffers somewhat in a muslim, non pork-eating resort context. This must be what they mean when they talk about the 'clash of civilisations.'
We learned the strange delights of products such as 'beef bacon' and 'turkey ham' not to mention the 'chicken pepperoni' on my pizza. Already a song is forming in which I shall rhyme 'beef bacon' with 'love makin' perhaps also employing the slogan painted on most restaurant windows in Sabah: 'Serve No Pork!'

Serve no pork,
in the honeymoon suite,
serve no pork,
you know you are what you eat...

It's with excitement that I learn of the impending gig and resolve myself to three hours of gruelling fretboard practice each night in the interim. And thanks to all who made Feb 3rd a very squiddy nuptials...
The hinnymoon is over baby!


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

And once more we are 4...and it feels good.
Meat substitution is a fascinating topic. The good work of the people at White Lotus gives me much pleasure but meat for meat is really where it is at.
It would be unthinkalble just to do without a baconish substance at breakfast and I am pleased my mussulman brothers and sisters recognise this.

22/2/07 09:12  
Blogger Paddy said...

We have some frightening crossbred, squid flavoured, meat substituted breakfast contemplation happening here and I'm not happy about it. However, having the band back together Jack and Elwood-style, is making me happy.

Three hours a night of madcap guitar practice is important but you will also need to practice a number of other important skills: the onstage rock-and-roll sneer and long emo hair; the big guitar gestures at the end of songs where you lift the neck high and then dramatically pull it down on the beat; the sneaky drink of water when everybody is looking at UT so you get your much-needed hydration without looking soft; and the simple irresistable fuckoff masculinity that will draw our female fanbase to the show.

23/2/07 10:01  

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