Friday, February 02, 2007


Three weeks with no guitarist as he is off getting his tentacles around a new wife and monkeys for a well earned honeymoon.

2007 has already thrown up many challenges for the squids. Lombago impededed a rehearsal. A power outage prevented further work on the album. Wikipedia deleted my entry because we weren't notable in any way and it looked to them as if I was just after some advertising (it is, indeed, a fair cop). That said, Paddy has his car back, we have a new song and we have three clear weeks to complete the demo and the album.
Perhaps 2007 will be a year stained by Squid Ink after all.

Lyric ideas:
Laid low with lombago,
Can't get my guitar out of the attic ah
because of my sciatica,
grey water bucket in my fist caused my back to slip a disc.

I walked through sleet and snow
to fetch my car from sydney road
The car in Brunswick limbo
with empty tank and broken window
The crooks should be admonished
As the car has been in long need of a cut and polish

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