Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, pretty good anyway. Close enough for rock and roll as Paddy might say. I tempted the evil beast that lurks within with Roast Chicken (with pesto under the skin which was a suggestion from Gourmet Traveller, a fine organ often read by my wife and a title which I have used as a euphimism for defecation) and vegetables. There were rumblings but they seemed to be to an even beat. There is only rock. Interestingly, the new song emailed to everyone last week met with complete silence so I can only assume it, to my surprise as I thought it okay but not great, was thought even lower than my unfaithful rendering of Inter-Species Carnality Blues. I'm not looking for gushing praise, though it is welcome, but recognition that the song exists and doesn't make you want to quit the band would be nice.