Friday, November 24, 2006

Dr squid comes through...

Not everyone might know this but Mrs Squid is actually Dr Squid, she being a highly qualified leading intellectual of our times and shaper of the young minds of tomorrow.

To record her always-informative lectures and research interviews the house of learning has given her a grant, which she has used to purchase this impressive looking Marantz digital recorder. I, for one, think this could be fun to play with at future Midian sessions. Apparently it is ‘the first choice for podcasters’ and I can see the cut and thrust and sweet harmonies of a Squid Ink training session being a popular podcast with our growing band of fans.

Now if only I knew what a podcast was.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

The stereo canon inputs look like the business. This is exciting. How can Marantz's assurance on behalf of podcasters be wrong. I am pleased to see Marantz contributing to the web revolution. I thought they went the way of soundair. But then I thought technics were a vendor of particularly shitty stereo equipment and yet they became a super-star-dj's must-have. I am, once more, clearly yesterday's man. But podcasting each week's rehearsal is a fantastic idea. It could be like tedious drivvel that came out of the Twickenham studios along with McCartney's absolutely necessary Let It Be...Naked. 4 drug-addled millionaire scousers in a room together for forty-five minutes....compelling and naked!

24/11/06 10:39  
Blogger silky-D said...

Squid Back on Menu for Dinner Date?
By Silky-d
The long-awaited Squid Ink band dinner got a new boost yesterday when rhythm guitarist Silky-D revealed he could attend after all.
The about face came as D, 30, lifted the lid on an embarassing bungle that has jeopardised the band's plans to get together over a roast, some salad and a few quiet drinks.
"I can't believe I've been stupid enough to confuse my dates like this," D said. "But things really do get pretty crazy this time of year."
Sources said the mix-up occurred due to D's inability to differentiate the months of November and December.
The inept rocker believed he had a family dinner to attend on December 16, somehow failing to notice that he had already attended it on November 16.
"Those two months really do sound quite alike," D said. "Throw in September as well and it's a miracle anybody can make an appointment at the end of the year."
D's fiance responded with exasperation to the error, wondering aloud how D could still believe her father's birthday was coming up in the month ahead.
"Didn't you think it was weird that we went round to his house for dinner last week, gave him a present and sang happy birthday?" she asked.
It is not yet known if other members of the band have made alternate plans before learning of the guitarist's dramatic backflip.

24/11/06 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a bigger squid 'n you are!

26/11/06 21:19  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I see. It does seem to be a fairly extensive and well commented upon blog devoted to Squid related follies. Thanks Anon for the sneery heads-up.

And on to other matters, as far as i am concerned the dinner is on!

26/11/06 22:30  
Blogger Paddy said...

“Now if only I knew what a podcast was.”

Maddox reminds us that a podcast is just a compressed audio file put online. He continues: “Yeah, doesn't sound so sexy when I describe it for what it is, does it you morons?” and then goes on to lose his temper somewhat.

Do you think the grant can extend to a new bass amp?

28/11/06 09:45  

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