Monday, November 13, 2006

Daltrey not paltry...

OK people. Before I leave Roger alone to enjoy his comfy spot in the rock and roll hall of fame I have just one thing to add. I've just been looking at the liner notes to the latest Who album Endless Wire and it certainly gives us food for thought re. the vexing subject of how to write liner notes. Here's Mr Daltrey's submission, which I will let speak for itself:

'I am a singer, an actor, an interpreter, an alchemist who turns words into emotions. Just like Olivier and Gielgud strove to connect the audience with Shakespeare, I strive to connect the listener with the soul of Pete Townshend's music ... my voice exists in the space that's created, where the heart of the song is. Somewhere between the ones and the zeros, the other side of the Mirror Door.'


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I see he's pinched your "I turn words in to emotions" bit.
By the way, who is free on the 16/12/2006? It is a saturday and I am inviting you all to the first band dinner (partners encouraged).

13/11/06 16:12  
Blogger Paddy said...

That's exactly how I feel. My basslines exist in the space that's created in the heart of Doug's songs. I feel like Gielgud. Rog has given words to the very essence of performance.

More cover ideas — The Frivolous Five is a personal favourite.

A band dinner! What a fine thought. I enjoyed a generous half-band dinner (partners present) at Chez Tedium only last night between more recording and the company and pork or lamb were superb.

13/11/06 17:00  
Blogger silky-D said...

The Frivolous Five is indeed special. This could also be inspiration for my dad who, along with his old geezer mates in Adelaide, has just decided to start a Cream tribute band. Suggested names include Clotted Cream, Sour Cream (thus the frivolous five reference) and, my favourite (because it was my suggestion), Primal Cream.
Also, when you say 'lamb or pork' do you mean that you were offered both at Tedium Manor, or that you were fed some kind of mystery meat that could have been either?
Need to check availability for 16th but general idea is rock solid.

13/11/06 17:16  
Blogger Paddy said...

Two dishes served alternatively around the table. Coffee, tea and petit fours from the buffet table.

14/11/06 09:36  

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