Thursday, November 02, 2006

Enter the Silk

After the solid foundations from Crafty and the studs and nogs from Paddy, last night we got the flying butresses from Silky-D. He said all he needed to rock was some greasy fish pasta and I obliged. Once more Nellie was on hand to add production advice but more to capture the strings of fury first hand. Norman, having had quite sometime outside the studio since Livin' Proof, (Livin' Poof possible album title?) was unsure how much work we would get through but between 8:00pm and 11:30pm eight tracks were nailed and the house rocked so hard that even Maisie, notoriously hard to impress, came in for a look. The Silk felt bad for leaving at eight until I related to him the story of p-borg and his uncharacteristicly direct statement "do I have to do this tonight?" at what become the end of his first session. And he gave us a great idea. He suggested another Band Carnival to record the vocals much like the one we had for the drums...and frankly I think it would be a great idea.


Blogger silky-D said...

also required expensive European beer and a stool to sit on. No stool was provided. Hard to be shit-hot without a stool. But the studio was rockin by night's end.

2/11/06 12:01  
Blogger Paddy said...

You can't rock sitting down.

As you know I don't like laying down the law but this is not Paddy's law, it is a law of nature: you can't rock sitting down.

Unless you're a drummer of course. Drummers can rock sitting down. Pianists sit down too, but pianists don't rock.

2/11/06 12:09  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Can you rock leaning against a wall?

2/11/06 12:42  
Blogger Paddy said...

You most certainly cannot. I don't think even Keith Richards could rock leaning against a wall and, given he fell off a treestump, that's saying something.

Great news about the blazing fretwork from the Silk Root. If the tracks were done from 8 to 11:30 why was he feeling bad for leaving at 8? Is this some kind of daylight-saving-induced clock mixup?

2/11/06 12:57  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Umm...good point....not sure how that happened.

2/11/06 13:01  
Blogger silky-D said...

I thinks he means eight songs... I had a slightly stiff back earned during a heated game of tennis with the missus. But soldiered on standing up...
pasta was quite nice, actually.

2/11/06 14:09  
Blogger Paddy said...

Aha! I knew that if I kept my Sherlock Holmes-style sleuthing powers sharpened I would finally be able to answer the ‘leaving at eight’ riddle. But Holmes, how?… It was elementary my dear Watson.

Keen to hear your work, Silky. The last two songs will be blazing.

2/11/06 14:29  

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