Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Welded Squid

Well...the lord has moved in mysterious ways once more and prevented us from recording tonight.
However this blow was tempered by the welding of a squid to a woman. It's an experiment we have all be working on here in the Ink Labs and many thought wouldn't take but we were all on hand to to eat greek food and make sure it happened.
At one point the woman tried to make off but Paddy was quick to offer the proceeds of the famed Empress gig (wrongly attributed, in the widely circulated bootleg, as the "Brunswick Club Hotel gig") so long as she settled down with Writer Squid for life...no doubt it was hard to say "no" to such riches. It was cemented when Crafty reminded her that he "owned" Yarraville and he could make life fairly unpleasant if she didn't take it upon herself get on that flight to Borneo.
For my part I dressed Writer Squid and was surprised to find his naked form was exactly as a groupie had once described it...complete with nubbin. JVG refused to look most of us in the eye for having snubbed his radio show but rose above it to perform a fine ceremony.

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Blogger Harpo said...

Weddings are such fun. Hooray for such things as bridal waltzes and friendly waitstaff with beer.
Hooray for heartfelt speeches and afterparties.
Hooray for seeing all the lady squids in their finery. Hooray for the chance to wish the couple the best of luck and to see them so happy. I, for one, am a big fan of weddings.

Admirable experiment in typography. You're trying out your text fully justified.

The only entry for ‘nubbin’ in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary is “a small or imperfect ear of maize” which is a delightful thought.

8/2/07 12:07  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Well that is interesting. I had thought it to be a supernumerary nipple but a scour of the web shows only Chandler from that cheeky, hip and wildly successful sitcom "friends", agrees with me (having had one himself). A small ear of maize it is then.

8/2/07 12:42  
Blogger lin said...


1/3/10 05:53  

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