Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some songs

With the help of a vegetarian pizza with pineapple, a thunderstorm and a three-year-old niece, the guys met at Park Central last night to dash off a three song demo.

Gonna Hear My Sound is a groovy little number dominated by Doug's guitar riff and by Dave's change of gear at the end of the first verse. We whacked on some harmonies because I threatened to quit the band if we didn't. That's Dave and me singing those — and while I'm doing the song credits I'll add that it's Doug and me singing in turns and that Doug wrote the song. Mastering was by Nero.

Hinny has a quirky little verse with all of us playing different rhythms. Is Dan's guitar mixed too quietly? Probably. He left the country so this is his punishment.

Mnemosyne is a song that's cracking good fun to play. Doug wrote it some time back when he was in the UK. We play it in F#. The two rhythm guitar parts should be identical. Plenty more thrilling trivia to follow.

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Blogger Paddy said...

Keen students of this blog, listening to the exciting collection of modern rock found here, will no doubt recall this post from several months ago in which Doug introduces the song Hinny to a wider audience.

The post has the chords to the song so you can play along at home. Or even bring your xylophones along to the Barleycorn and join us on stage. Glee!

27/2/07 16:30  

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