Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hinny, the song.

What follows is are the chords for a fine song that three people in the world were lucky enough to have emailed to them.

The only interesting chord is the AMaj7 which is played with just the A string open and the D string on the 6th fret.

F Dm repeated over and over

AMaj7 A# F C F C x2

G A F C x 2

And the bit halfway through is a G.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I just looked at this page for the first time using internet explorer...does anyone else get funny rendering with all the right-hand side stuff appearing at the bottom of the page?
Nice work on the footer by the way.

19/7/06 22:31  
Blogger Paddy said...

My Internet Explorer also fails to render the stylesheet decently.

Current stats have 27% of people using Firefox and 63% of people using IE. But the Firefox crowd is a growing market and we should clearly be targetting them as they have more discretionary income and more of the Squid Ink taste. IE users would never admire nicely done footers, I'm sure.

20/7/06 12:15  

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