Monday, February 12, 2007

The Barleycorn Gig

Squid Ink are not only cultured music critics, ready to bring you informed opinion of the odd local show around Melbourne Town but are also, it turns out, impresarios able to bring performers together to make the crowds flock.

UT and I enjoyed the performance of the 7 Day Fools on Friday. They, in case you've not caught them yet, offer some well crafted soul-groove and, unlike us, feature a fine-looking horn section (it's our percussion section that is fine-looking).

The 7 Day Fools feature a pair of magnificent lasses singing out the front and the only thing better than that, of course, is a posse of hard men with guitars and we have plenty of them.

The good news for you is that next month you get to compare the two at the one show.

That's right, sportsfans, put it in your diaries now: 7 Day Fools and Squid Ink at the Barleycorn Friday 30th. Still six weeks away: we're still working on the demo and the album and still waiting for the rescuers to locate one of our guitarists lost in a Malaysian rainforest but we'll keep the world updated on the lead up.

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Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

This IS exciting news...and should give Writer Squid a chance to get his chops back up to speed once the transpnated monkey hand is bedded in.
I fear, having witnessed the 7 day fools and the imperious Invictus, that it we may become the 1 day fools when compared to their polished soul sounds.

13/2/07 08:59  
Blogger Crafty said...

Exciting doesn't seet to quite cover it. A second gig and still no demo. By my maths this means that by the time the album gets out there we should have a world tour lined up.

13/2/07 10:40  

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