Thursday, March 22, 2007

35 Minutes

Paddy is right, we have been rehearsing pretty bloody hard - honing our set list to a well-honed 35 minutes, with an optional mystery encore depending on audience demand. It's pretty honed.

Make sure you leave plenty of time for getting to the gig on Friday as Johnston Street is a major thoroughfare of the inner north and the traffic can get pretty bad. Speaking of traffic, had we more time and inclination we might consider a thematic cover for the night of Traffic's 1970 classic album John Barleycorn Must Die.

Traffic, like Squid Ink, had problems relating to a paucity of songwriters. Steve Winwood wrote pretty much all the hot stuff on JBMD and originally intended it as a solo album. However, like Modern Doug Park, he didn't enjoy recording alone and couldn't resist the lure of playing with the dudes (so to speak) so he welcomed back his bandmates to play on the record - subsuming his ego and making it a group project. What a guy.

It must be pointed out though that on track five Stranger to himself Steve plays all of the instruments (as well as singing). Here a comparison with Paddy seems more apt. But though a talented multi-instrumentalist, Paddy is these days first and foremost a bass man. Traffic's bass player was the great Rick Grech who later became an alcoholic carpet salesman and died tragically young. He has absolutely nothing to do with Crafty's drum kit, which is actually a Gretsch.

Rick Grech also played in Blind Faith with Winwood, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker (speaking of drums). Silky-D copped shit from the dudes a while ago for accidentally referring to Ginger Baker as Ginger Rogers while discussing his baby-boomer dad's decision to join a Cream covers band, which was tentatively named Clotted Cream. Clotted Cream didn't work out as a name, because my dad's friends decided they wanted to cover other bands as well. One of the covers they are doing is Keep on Running by the Spencer Davis Group - which featured an up and coming young keyboardist called Steve Winwood, before he left to join Traffic.

Winwood, Clapton and Ginger Baker later all played on Blind Faith's famous Gothenburg 1969 bootleg album, which was released on the Moby Dick record label in July 1969. The label was obviously named for the classic 1851 seafaring novel by Herman Melville that is one of Silky-D's enduring faves and comes highly recommended if you like reading about knots, different types of boats and other engrossing stuff. But Silky D is much less fond of that modern Moby, the electro pop chrome dome who is so named because he is a direct descendant of Melville (actually Herman is his Great Great Grand Uncle according to Wikipedia).

On his most recent album, the tepid and underwhelming Hotel, Moby plays every single instrument, just as Steve Winwood did on "Stranger to Myself". But this isn't entirely true. Moby cheats. He doesn't play the drums. He aint no Ginger Baker. To make matters even more annoying, Moby also includes a secret hidden track - a practice that Silky-D despises because it stuffs up his Ipod playlist and because if something is good enough to be on the album then it ought to be on the bloody album, not hidden away like a dog-boy under the house.

Anyway, the name of the secret hidden track on Moby's "Hotel" is "35 Minutes." Coincidentally, 35 minutes is also the exact, scientifically measured, length of Squid Ink's rocking set, to be delivered at The Barleycorn next Friday. Don't miss it.

And the length of Traffic's classic album John Barleycorn Must Die is also - you guessed it - 35 minutes.

with apologies to Paddy, whose award nominated post I ripped off for this monster.


Blogger Paddy said...

A triumph!

23/3/07 10:41  
Blogger silky-D said...

why thank you, though I checked after writing this and I happily confess it pales in comparison to your original. In my defence, however, it was composed during a busy afternoon at work. A little more time to ruminate might have produced some more fascinating connections.

23/3/07 10:46  
Blogger Paddy said...

Work only allowed you 35 minutes to write it?

23/3/07 10:47  
Blogger silky-D said...

Everything in the universe can be understood in terms of 35 minutes. Don't you see? this is the key to EVERYTHING. It's the code, dude.

23/3/07 10:51  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Is it not a breach of Squid protocol to refer to one of the band members by their street name within your passage, Silky?

23/3/07 15:19  
Blogger silky-D said...

hey there buddy, I dunno who you are, 'Jimbo' but what goes on in my passage is nobodies business but my own.
I will here refer you, however, to the very first ever post from this blog. Written - I know it's hard to believe - in the days before I was even a band member.

It says:

'Squid Ink are a three-piece rock group from sunny Melbourne.

Modern Doug Park: Lead guitar and lead vocals
Harpo: Lead bass and lead vocals
Crafty: Lead drums and lead vocals.'

I rest my case.

23/3/07 15:26  
Blogger silky-D said...

sorry, that was a little aggressive and not very welcoming for a new poster. Plus I realised you may have been referring to some of the other names mentioned. So I should point out that neither Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood or Rick Grech are members of Squid Ink, so it's ok to name and shame 'em.

We are in talks with Moby though... he brings a certain something to the mix. Sticking point could be the anchoivies on the rehearsal room pizzas. I hear he's vegan.

23/3/07 15:50  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I recall someone being called out for such a crime a few weeks ago. It seems Modern Doug Park is the exception to the rule. Could it be that he relented in those days?

23/3/07 15:52  
Blogger silky-D said...

He's exceptional all round. Plus MDP is his stage name. His real name is .... oops, almost slipped up there, you'll have to read about it in our forthcoming biography: Eight Legged Squirt - the Squid Ink story.

23/3/07 15:58  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I expect the biography will be bigger than Ben Hur. But is it bigger than this:


23/3/07 16:05  
Blogger meva said...

'Twas a fine effort, silky-d.

(But as I nominated the wonderful Connections, I remain faithful to the original.)

23/3/07 23:33  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Having been away, it is refreshing to come back to such a posting glut...and of such high quality. In fact, I had feared that the longest Squid getting married had sucked the life force out of the blog...BUT NOT SO!!! The only shame is that jimbo slipped in a link that was post worthy in its own right. No blame lies his way as he is unable to post but a shame none the less.

Also noteworthy is that this may be the first time we have had two non-band members leave comments on the same post.

25/3/07 20:22  
Blogger silky-D said...

Point taken Meva, the p-man sets a high bar and I have failed to vault it. Still, a little intra-band competition is good for the creative juices. We can't let Paddy have the band bard title wthout earning it. I'd hoped that by raising my game with some elegantly obtuse riffology to have snatched a surprise victory over p-borg, or at least earned a Pad tie. Turns out I was just noodling.

To Jimbo, thanks for the link. It must be extremely distressing to our New Zealand brothers to have finally discovered a dangerous creature in their midst. Taste the pain, New Zealand. Welcome to our world.

And to unrelenting tedium - I feared for a moment there that you had actually relented. Now I see that you have been away on a sabbatical of sorts. Quick trip to Jamaica to collect on some bets?

25/3/07 21:54  
Blogger Paddy said...

Hey hey! Welcome, Meva. Thank you for your fidelity to my post but I hereby declare that Silky and I are in no way in competition with each other. Good for the creative juices or not this is a band of togetherness and comradeship. If one of us do well, we all do well. Hooray.

Except when one of says things like “[Moby] is so named because he is a direct descendant of Melville (actually Herman is his Great Great Grand Uncle…)” when I distance myself immediately. Surely you can only be a direct descendant of your Great Great Grand Uncle's brother or sister.

26/3/07 15:13  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

It would be great if all this competition amongst your creative juices led one or two of you to write a fucking song once in a while...togetherness my arse.

26/3/07 15:53  
Blogger silky-D said...

well we're, one band,
one group.
one delicious, steaming, rock 'n' roll soup.
one band, with good attendance,
quibbling over,
direct descennnnnnn-dants

and we'll eat lots of pizza,
and Silky will be tall.
while crafty sweats profusely,
Paddy leans against the wall.
Tedium bags our songwriting,
and we all know he's right
cos we want what he has got,
that golden riff,
to rock our Tuesday night...

26/3/07 16:12  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Two points. A fine re-writing of U2's One...a touching song in its own right....who among us has not played jesus to the leppers in our heads...but one point of correction. I wish i could bag your song writing but I can't because...there are no songs. I yearn to callously drop your material from the set list as has been done to some of my greatest life-changers. Perhaps I could compound the insult by not giving a reason other than "I dunno...I'm just not sure if it...I dunno..if it works man".

I think I have finished my bleating for one day.

26/3/07 16:23  
Blogger silky-D said...

hmmm, right you are. But I could not make 'Tedium bags our lack of songwriting' fit into the verse structure. Not unless I revealed your true name again.
And then Jimbo would get all antsy and I'd be hosing down that little controversy once more.
Note also, that the song is kind to your songwriting, suggesting that we do not step to the wicket because we could not hope to match your strike rate. Also, the most interesting thing I could think to mention about my contribution to the band was that I was 'tall'.

26/3/07 16:31  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Considering it is out of tall, sweaty and leaning against a wall, I do come out of it pretty well. I think it is time I changed my handle to match the ocassion...I notice P-borg slipped up earlier today with his multiple personalities. Interestingly he has an avatar for only one. Your segue past the cripple is a true masterpeice. I admire your ability to demonstrate the chasm between the haves and have-nots in one picture and at the expense of your own delicately cultivated public persona.

26/3/07 16:41  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

That is the part of the persona that does not involve segue riding.

26/3/07 16:42  
Blogger silky-D said...

Harpo = direct descendant of Paddy.

26/3/07 16:47  
Blogger meva said...

"earned a Pad tie. Turns out I was just noodling."


26/3/07 22:41  
Blogger lin said...


1/3/10 05:52  

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