Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Give Me Wings To Fly On My Own

Just as Paul McCartney needed Wings to record his best work, so too I cannot record alone. In preparation for this evening I have laboured many hours on guitar solos and come up with nothing worth burning to disc. I need the dudes.
Fortunately you are all coming over tonight, but unfortunately I am not in the position I thought I would be (which is having all the bits recorded so we can just mix). I have got myself all in a tizzy. I even think I have gone backwards on Mrs Bun and now yearn for some of the long ago deleted early takes.
I may have to put off firing the rest of the band until this problem passes. I will call Billy Corgan later for advice.

Possible lyric idea:
Don't be such a cheap prick and record in a studio next time.

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