Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Black Wednesday

Hopes were running high for another celebrity endorsement ahead of Frday's gig when Silky-D was asked this morning to track down The Pixies for an interview for the venerable broadsheet. I had visions of not only getting Frank Black to wish us well at the Barleycorn but linking to the audio file so that the Squid Army could hear it for themselves. Hopes were crushed upon talking to Fiona from Michael Coppell's office, who said: 'Absolutely no. They don't do mainstream media.' I think this is kinda understandable but was kicking myself for not saying I was from the Squid Ink blog (what could be more indie than a band blog that has only three regular readers?). I pose to you this question, music fans, if they are too cool to associate with mainstream media what the hell are they doing hanging out with Michael Coppell? At least I can add being snubbed by black Francis to a long and distinguished list of career disappointments.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I find that a touch disappointing from Frank (admittedly it was proxied by Fiona...and PR people often say no on bands behalf to things that the band would only be too happy to do...for instance the Rise Above album that Rollins did for the West Memphis 3 ( almost everyone's manager or PR drip said no and it was going nowhere until Hank spoke directly to Tom Araya about it in passing and he had heard nothing of it and was very keen to do it). This "mainstream media" thing is's a bit like acusing a band of selling you say, they are not shy of corporates elsewhere. Fuck Frank Black...he is an over-hyped over-weight has-been who's so pampered by his ego and adoring fans that every post-pixies release has been bunged up with more dud filler tracks than decent songs. Give me a John Doyle endorsement any day of the week ( over that bloated american turd.

Just my thoughts anyway.

28/3/07 13:20  
Anonymous jimbo said...

What I wanna know is: does Frank Black not play golf? I would have expected Silky-D to do the plus-foured legwork on this.

28/3/07 14:07  
Blogger silky-D said...

in breaking news, my sources reveal that Frank is playing RoveLive on Sunday. Seriously. Nuff said.

28/3/07 15:48  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I wonder if his Pixies breakup announcement on BBC5 was misconstrued and he has been bitter ever since. This has been overcome by only releasing English language statements through the "between jobs" PR man, Pervez Mir.

Since when has Rove been mainstream anyway?

28/3/07 16:16  

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