Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pay Misty For Me

I am always keen to put my money where my Hinny is. This is well known.
To this end, on sunday morning I was walking with purpose through Federation Square having just run around in a circle with 10,000 other people when I spied an unlikely scene.
Did my eyes deceive me or was a woman standing by herself with a donkey looking towards Flinders St station. As a big donkey fan I made a direct line for her and encouraged by her welcoming smile began patting the donkey with quite some vigour.
During the course of the pat I learned the donkey's name was Jimmy and he and his handler were from the Victorian Donkey Shelter, the only one of its kind in our fair state, the place to be. They had come to town for some children's thing later in the day. I asked if they had mules and they do....six.
My heart raced
"Do you have any hinnies?"
Her eyes widened and her smile grew. I began to tingle all over. "We had some hinnies...when we first opened...but not anymore." I hid my disappointment by bombarding her with hinny related questions ("can you tell the difference on sight between a hinny and a mule?" "I can't but others at the shelter say they can"...intriguing). Soon youngsters approached looking to pat Jimmy having seen how a man does it and I bid Jimmy good day and made off in search of rehydration.
Bouyed by the encounter I sought out their online presence and have sponsored a mule, Misty (pictured above), on the band's behalf.

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Blogger silky-D said...

what an informative website. Misty looks sweet but stubborn, which is about as good as it gets for a lady donkey.
I cross-referenced on Wikipedia where I learned my favourite donkey fact. 'The donkey is descended from the African Wild Ass.'
so there you have it: African Wild Ass. Not just a new nickname for Serena Williams, also another potential title for the Squid Ink bootleg.

3/4/07 15:56  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I told you we should have played Inter-Species Carnality Blues.

3/4/07 15:59  
Blogger silky-D said...

but dude, that's about a lyger. I don't see the parallel...

3/4/07 16:01  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I remember a certain line about a MIGHTY AFRICAN!!!!

3/4/07 16:25  
Blogger silky-D said...

there is also a Nubian Wild Ass. Now officially my favourite animal name of all time.

3/4/07 16:27  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I am thrilled to see that Nubian (or African depending on whether you are Ice Cube or not) Wild Ass has the latin Genus and Species of Equus asinus africanus and was named so by the daddy of them all Carolus Linneaus...I wonder how many he named himself.

3/4/07 16:46  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I note that it is considered dangerous to feed donkeys horse nuts. Some would argue that hinnies could not exist were it not for horse nuts. Maybe that is why they only have mules. Food for thought

3/4/07 16:54  
Anonymous Mrazzy said...

I hope you all noticed that it's photo day at the donkey shelter on Sunday, 15 April. Have your photo taken with your sponsored donkey for only $10.

4/4/07 10:52  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Do they make mule sized "Squid Army" badges? Do you know if Misty plays any instruments? Vocals? I can sense a band photo op

4/4/07 11:12  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Thanks Mrazzy. Keen students of the band will also know that April the 15th is my birthday. I will be making my way, with wife in hand, to said shelter for the photo occasion. I was in two mind as to whether I should make this outing a birthday celebration and invite others.
And Jimbo...you know the badges fit all sizes.

4/4/07 13:42  
Anonymous Coopernicus said...

Over lunch I read a journo's 'history of blogging' story in The Age. "I blog," he said. A quick Google turned up an Earls profile, an interview request with a blogger and something about Squid Ink. So, in his spare time this journo calls himself 'slinky D', rides a boyo scooter and is fascinated by donkneys. It is now an hour-and-a-half later and I'm no closer to reaching Tuesday's deadline. I'm really not sure what has been gained from this follow-the-blog experience, although, I do now know that the donkey is descended from the African Wild Ass. Um, thanks...

7/4/07 14:50  
Blogger silky-D said...

Impressive google sleuthing there, Coopernicus thanks for stopping by. Sounds like 90 minutes well spent to me. Also glad you found time for some lunch - good nutrition is important. And slinky-d makes me sound far more enticing than I really am. Sorry life here wasn't as exciting as you'd hoped for but you can't say you weren't pre-warned. Must go now... I have shanks in the oven.

7/4/07 15:26  
Anonymous Coopernicus said...

Can Google sleuthing ever be impressive? It doesn't seem so long ago that sleuthing was a fairly tricky thing to do. It wasn't too bad an experience actually. Work-avoidance is quite a guilty pleasure. And, it was the first time I've ever left a blog-comment (it actually felt like writing on a toilet door). The only thing I'm bummed about is that I seem to have lost the back of an earing in the process. Happy shanking.

7/4/07 15:52  
Blogger silky-D said...

I, for one, am willing to see some ass on April 15.

9/4/07 21:17  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Well coopernicus is jolly clever.

Aside from the witty corruption of what is probably your surname and the great heliocentric discovering astronomer (thereby, rightly, aligning yourself with that free-thinking world-changing genius), to track your man down and then tell him basic facts about himself that you've gleaned along the way...my my my...what guile and straight-from-the-hip tell-it-like-it-is guts. And then the subtle barb about not knowing what has been gained from the experience...I think, coopernicus, you have given us all something to stick in our pipes and smoke.

A job well done.

10/4/07 17:54  
Blogger silky-D said...

My next-door-neighbours' dog is named Cooper and, though I briefly suspected him of being behind these posts, I have now ruled him out. Although, as a labrador he has the feisty intelligence for such work, I reckon he lacks the technological know-how and opposable thumbs (indeed any thumbs at all). A big shout out to the lovely Kate and Bruce (who are unlikely to be reading this blog since they do not know of its existence) and to the ever-friendly Cooper. And to Coopernicus - whoever you may be - you are always welcome in our orbit.

10/4/07 18:13  
Anonymous Coopernicus said...

Dear Ink-men,
I wish I was free-thinking world-changing genius and had myself discovered that Pluto wasn't a planet. I probably wouldn't have told anyone - demotions are never pleasant. But better to be a planet than a barrel-maker. Barrel-makers will soon be extinct. I heard about an 89-year-old former skirt-chasing cooper while interviewing a wine-maker. It is possible that being a cooper was once a hell of a lot of fun. Do you think that rock stars are today's coopers?

21/4/07 15:11  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Welcome back Coopernicus. I figured you were done with us. We don't often inspire more than one comment from anyone...and seem to have even bored Jimbo into silence.

23/4/07 17:12  

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