Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stupid car

I intended to bring my bass rig along to rehearsal last night. I had just fitted a new set of strings on my dear Highway 1 and was dead keen to go all Jack Black on the Squid Ink posse with my groovy new strings and my Paddy Amp Sound.

Sadly all my flighty dreams crashed to earth — to solid rock, as UT would say — when the handle on the car broke. My speaker bin was sitting on the back seat and I could not get into the car.

“But Paddy, ” you helpfully point out, “surely you are simply able to enter the vehicle using the other door.” And you would be making a brilliant point if only the other door did not have a lock broken when the car was stolen last year.

The handle on one side is fine but the lock is broken. The lock on the other side is dodgy but eventually comes good but the handle is broken.

And my speaker bin is in the car.

And we have a gig in two day's time.

Mechanics claim that the sledgehammer is not an appropriate tool for car repair. I disagree.

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Blogger silky-D said...

sledge it dude. without the bin we are nothing.

29/3/07 11:20  

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