Tuesday, April 17, 2007

They could tell I was square and bitter about it...

A large part of the Squid Ink philosophy rests on a firm belief in empirical research and primary evidence. It is this part of the philosophy which fuels this post. Not only did two accused people in separate trials specifically choose not to have me on their jury but two people accused of growing cannabis in separate trials chose not to have me on their jury.
They were both from very different ethnic backgrounds and different parts of Melbourne, the main thing they had in common was having their day in the county court on the same day I showed up for jury service.
I was largely relieved not be chosen but interested by the information that two (which seems a fair sample) cannabis growers thought me less than ideal (although one waited until I stood up, walked to him, looked him the eye, walked to the jury box, handed my bag to the dude and had bent my knees to sit on the comfy looking jury chair before issuing the "challenge" as instructed by his very young and pert solicitor).

Sorry to all for this post's lack of relevance to the band.

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