Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Donkey Shelter Photo Day

And what a happy day it was. Why, you may well ask, has it taken so long to update everyone on this fine event. My fine mother, who has attended a gig of two of my former bands so I hold out hope that she may attend more, only just sent through the photos.
Above you will see a photo of UT with Tedium Senior and a fine beast behind (matching the two fine beasts in front! I encourage you to click on the photo and admire Gregor's theories at work!!), a photo of UT and UTsnr looking at Misty and a photo of me patting Snowy in my brand new Donkey Shelter cap. Why, Douglas, do you show us not only a picture of Misty, the famed and sponsored half-nag, but also this johnny-come-lately Snowy?
Because, friends, I was told by a shelter worker, whilst giving Baby May a good pat, that she believed Snowy, in the next paddock and usually unfriendly (I bet she says that to all the boys who manage to woo Snowy), to be a Hinny!
In my keenness for Snowy to be a Hinny I shall over look her egregious error in explaining (to me?!?!? of all people??!?! Has the crone taken leave of her senses? Does she not know to whom she speaketh?) that a Hinny is the offspring of a jack and a mare when this would produce a mule.
Anyway, the birthday was bookended in an odd way by patting and cooing at hard done by donkeys in the morning and clubbing recently caught trout to death in the late afternoon. Some people may see this activity as contradictory I see it as the actions of a renaissance man.

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Blogger silky-D said...

what happiness! It is, I note, something of a long distance pat (arm fully extended in a way that Muttiah Muralitharan, for example, would never be able to manage). You look pleased to be with Snowy but also a little... nervous?

3/5/07 14:57  
Blogger Paddy said...

A fine collection of photographs and how exciting it is to find that they have what may well be a genuine hinny.

I suspect Silky may be reading things the wrong way here. As far I can tell you are giving Snowy your very best patting efforts — and what man prepared to club trout to death would do less — it seems to me that Snowy is the nervous one, stepping away as she is.

4/5/07 10:06  
Anonymous jimbo said...

Does said crone not realize the contribution the word jenny makes to hinny?

Top shelf effort MDP. It seems that only a couple of Squid Ink badges could make your new cap more thematic.

7/5/07 17:36  

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