Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Silky's big day

I spent the weekend on a stakeout, sleeping outside a prison, in Adelaide, and living out of a Toyota Yaris for three days along with another human being (who, incidentally, had a fondness for garlic prawns). For those unfamiliar, the Toyota Yaris is pretty much the smallest car on the road. For those unfamiliar, I am pretty much 6ft 5inches tall. Also, it was raining, pretty much the whole time.

But then things got better! Monday was my birthday and everyone was really nice. Things I received included:
1) A bunch of cool, vintage, 1st edition books from my parents and some cash to ''buy something guitar-related.''
2) Some awesome parfait spoons from my nana (I actually asked for these, to the mirth of all).
3) Many happy wishes, including a delightful text message from crafty
4) Various monies and gift vouchers
5) Another book: Shavetails and Bell Sharps: The History of the US Army Mule by Emmit M. Essin (this from occasional blog contribs Mrazzy and James). It is described as "the seminal work on the American pack mule'' and the Washington Times, a publication I am unfamiliar with, dubs it: ''A delightful read." I have checked the index and there is no mention of hinnies in uniform.

And, of course, a new guitar from the blessed missus (as discussed previously on this blog). Which leads me to my main point. Sorry it took a while.
I've been thinking about buying an amp and though I've done some internet research, what I really need is the opinions of the only three people in the world who really matter. The dudes.
I don't have bags of cash right now and have pretty much decided that I'm not going tube anyway because I am too lazy to maintain it and too careless to treat it right.
Now I'm wondering whether to spend less now or wait and spend more. Specifically I've been examining the possibility of an Epiphone Triggerman. Silky's dad has one of these and I've played around with it a bit and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are some reviews at Harmony Central.
Most people seem to like it, a couple complain that the overdrive is no good but that is also disputed. It's a 60w solid state combo - I'm not sure if it would be loud enough for the Squid Ink Sound. It has a nice little switch pedal and lots of inputs, for this kind of money, to plug stuff into. I played briefly with some of the effects and thought they were cool but I am no gear-freak audiophile and was probably missing something important. Cost is around $400. Thoughts?


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Sorry about missing the birthday. It sounds like plenty of people took notice though. I reckon, despite having one myself, that valve amps are not worth the extra wonga.
When it comes to volume watts in solid state are worth less that watts in valve. I have heard a VoxAC30 roar past a 100watt solid state combo...I loud is it?

23/5/07 13:06  
Anonymous Mrazzy said...

I have nothing helpful to say about amps, just a warning for those who spend too long staring into the sun that is rock - (Also, Silky, I recommend page 3 of your birthday present).

23/5/07 13:53  
Blogger silky-D said...

no need to apologise. I was pleasantly surprised that crafty and others remembered. I am the world's worst at remembering when people's birthdays are and would never hold a non congratulation against anyone. However Crafty s now officially my favourite band member. As for how loud it is... I dunno really how to answer that question. It seemed pretty loud in my parents loungeroom but then again it wasn't competing against anything louder than a snoring Shih-tzu on the rug.

23/5/07 14:13  
Blogger silky-D said...

And Mrazzy, I love my book, especially page three. Looks to be an informative read.

23/5/07 14:15  
Blogger gigglewick said...

Mr Fix, my resident guitar expert says Roland JC 120 is the ONLY solid state amp.

He claims (and I haven't checked this) that you can pick one up for $1000 "if you're smart".

He also says the Cube range is worth looking at, but probably wouldn't fulfill Unrelenting Tedium's requirement that it be "loud".

See, this is what happens when you have a couple of drinks on a Friday night and start a discussion about guitar equipment....

25/5/07 19:05  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

The roland twin is a fine amp indeed but I feel I must stand up for yamaha's range of solid states. Chuck Berry surely can't be foolish to use one?

28/5/07 13:09  

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