Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick catchup

Check it out. Albert Einstein action figures. Complete with some chalk in his hand. “This item makes a great gift!” Sadly they're sold out at the moment. I love the internet.

Anyway, plenty of action — if not on the blog then at least in the band:

Rehearsal this week saw the introduction of not one but three new songs from UT. Challenging riffs for the fretjockeys in the band and a sweet, sweet melody for Crafty to sing. But, my word, three songs in one week! We all saw the sweat on Silky's brow and the fear in his eyes.

It was demonstrated at rehearsal that being in a hard rocking band is a good deal easier when none of us have gone to our day jobs. Despite suggestions to the contrary we are considering giving our day jobs up.

The warm, friendly environs of the Barleycorn Hotel have called to us and we play there again with the mighty 7 Day Fools late in July.

Having heard the wonders of the new Marshall, at least half the band are considering upgrading their dodgy gear.

The Squids spent the long weekend being all social and visiting each other and being all nice and stuff. It was suggested that this may need to change: bands are often fuelled to produce greatness when the levels of creative tension are highest. Think of Jane's Addiction, The Beatles, Hi 5. Perhaps we ought to foster some intra-band fury. What's with this three song shit, UT? Oi, Silky: take that new amp and hit yourself with it. And where's your comment, Crafty?

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Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

There's been a bit of talk about the three new songs and how this may be a record...but let's be was two and a half. And I have left Winding Down half unwound for weeks. NFGE.
It will be interesting to see which songs we can get together for the John Barleycorn Refuses to Die tour.

15/6/07 09:25  
Blogger silky-D said...

It's not all happy times in Marshall land. I type this one-handed with my right paw heavily strapped and panadol coursing through my veins. Attempting to nonchalantly lift the beast out of my car with one hand on Tuesday morning I tweaked something. That tweak gradually became more of an excruciating pain over the next couple of days. I think I've done a tendon in my wrist. My advice? If buying a new amp, get one with wheels. And of course, as they say in the classics, tow hands for beginners.

15/6/07 10:05  

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