Monday, July 02, 2007

Amplifier Modulation/Frequently Modulated

There has been a dearly upheld precendent set early on in the life of this blog to keep readers abreast of equipment turnover within the band. I cannot let the side down.
I was excited to hear on the radio on Friday that Manny's were having their end-of-financial-year sale and decided the time had come to update my trebly piece of shit Fender twin that has been dogging me now for over a decade.
Unlike Silky's dedicated wanderings I nailed early my price bracket and options. It came down to the Fender Hot Rod range or the Vox AC-30 single speaker re-issues. As you can see I went Fender (Hot Rod Deluxe) but chose the one with the Celestion Speaker over the classic Jensen speaker not because it was $150 cheaper, which was nice, but, happily, because I liked the sound better… but there was barely anything in it. Also, I liked the green leather much more than the tweed.
The AC-30 excited me no end as I sounded, to me at least, just like Paul Weller. But I decided as I was trying to get away from treble the Vox may annoy me in the band environment.
Already I think there is a big improvement in the volume of the high strings, which tended to fall away with the twin meaning I had to rely on a second, louder, distortion/gain pedal to be heard during solos. This may still be the case but I think the situation is much improved.
The nice man who sold it to me (complimenting my Fender Bronco will get you a long way) also runs a studio in Thornbury ("who doesn't?" you may ask and the answer is "those who have studios in Yarraville") where Casey Rice works… it would be cool to have a big name producer but the studio costs $500 a day without Casey so I reckon it may blow our non-existent budget.

Now does anyone know anyone who wants to buy a Fender Twin? Trust me, the tone is as warm as toast.


Blogger Paddy said...

This is very exciting news. Well done UT. The current glut of new equipment is intoxicating. Crafty, will you buying that second kick drum soon?

3/7/07 12:47  
Blogger silky-D said...

Indeed, 'tis tremendous. As I've already expressed to UT, my little Marshall is very thrilled at having vanquished a mighty Fender Twin. Paddy, as the member of the band who has recently suffered form an exploding amplifier will you be joining the new gear glut?
Or is it back to the soldering iron?

3/7/07 12:58  
Blogger Paddy said...

Well, now that you mention it, there is more exciting news to come but I'll let that news simmer for a little while.

3/7/07 13:09  
Blogger silky-D said...

my word, rehearsal is going to be exciting this week.

3/7/07 15:55  
Blogger gigglewick said...

warm as toast the tone may be - but what is the asking price?

3/7/07 16:14  
Blogger silky-D said...

"a trebly piece of shit"

"the tone is warm as toast"

I suspect the second description is more suitable for your ebay listing.

3/7/07 16:22  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

The warm as toast was supposed to be a bit of a joke at my own expense. Still though it is a fine amplifier in good working order. New valves and re-biased about two months ago in an attempt to get it more where I wanted it to be. As I paid $1000 for it 10 years ago I would accept offers somewhere in excess of that. I see in mint condition they go for about $2000 on ebay...I guess to cover the valves $1200 would be nice.

4/7/07 08:34  

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