Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Sisterhood

Every good band should have a sister band. Friendly support for a rival combo is an important part of rock mythology and not one we intend to miss out on. I'm still waiting to hear whether Bachman Turner Overdrive or my one-time during the 90s favourite band, Canadian popettes Sloan, respond to my email entreaties. In the meantime, another - perhaps more realistic - candidate is the extremely good Ships and Thieves. They play this Friday at the Brunswick Hotel on Sydney Road. That's in Brunswick. What's more, IT'S FREE. And they really are quite good indeed. Almost as handsome as the men of Squid Ink. We heartily recommend them to all supporters of this blog. Maybe when we finally rent that Chateau in the south of France to record our album they can stop by to lay down some hot shit.


Blogger Andy Fuller said...

i'm new to this blog. i detect the strong hand of dp in writing the entries. or am i wrong? do all squid inkers write entries for the blog? i'm digging it and i think they layout is awesome. i particularly like the story about the piano and beethoven and schubert. i'm sure there is room for s.i. to appropriate some of their tunes.

22/6/07 16:06  
Blogger silky-D said...

thanks for your interest, Andy. It's a little known fact that our drummer, Crafty, writes all of the blog entries. The rest of us just proof-read and fetch him donuts. He's a 24-hour a day blogging machine.

22/6/07 16:14  
Blogger Paddy said...

A warm welcome to you, Mr Fuller. I heartily approve of people praising my posts.

Ships and Thieves were in fine form last Friday. There was plenty of hard thumpin, drum hittin, high singin rock on offer at the Brunswick Hotel and I, for one, feel purified and invigorated.

While representatives from Squid Ink were there to cheer our sister band after their searing set, representatives from other sister bands of the Ink — Kubric and 7 Day Fools come to mind — failed to attend but no doubt they have even cooler things to do on a Friday night.

25/6/07 11:58  
Blogger Andy Fuller said...

hmmm...so, with this 'sister band' concept...have you nominated bands because they are somewhat similar, or because they are starting out with a similar perspective or are from the same neighborhood? i.e. is there a similarity in terms of sound, or is there a similarity in terms of social-cultural background?

28/6/07 13:59  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Ummm, in all honesty Kubric and the Seven Day fools let us play at their gigs and we know one of the guys in Ships and Thieves. In a telling and pointed way...Ships and Thieves have not asked us to play with them and they act kind of distant and un-sisterly when we enter the room. But a sister is a sister...Mariah Carey apparently has a sister who won't talk to her but Mariah sends her money anyway. Touching!

29/6/07 12:18  

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