Friday, June 29, 2007

Silky Come Home

In a frankly careerist move Silky ditched rehearsal in favour of chasing the capitalist dollar. Or, possibly, he is an exploited worker whose blood was spent last night oiling the wheels and cogs of the capitalist machine when that blood should have been sprayed from his strumming fingers as they impacted with tightly wound strings.
Sadly, work called and the band sucked as a result. Forlorn was the mood and empty was the sound. Riffs only half complete and a reminder of how ordinary was the material from previous bands, was all we could take away from a night spent like a three-legged dog in room 8 of Castle Midian.
Paddy destroyed another bass bin...or bass amp...or some nearby circuitry...I'm not really sure...I am sure that I wish he would stop it...and I am even more sure that he wishes he would stop it too. In an unusually expansive mood he said "I might buy a combo".

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