Friday, July 20, 2007

A More Interesting Name Than The Tote...

Some study notes for the upcoming Barleycorn hotel gig.

John Barleycorn, of the song, is a fictional personification of barley and its uses for making alchoholic bevarages. During the course of the song about him many nasty things happen which parallel the life of barley as it goes through the process of making alchohol.

I have been reading the Jack London novel "John Barleycorn" in preparation for the gig and include this quote from the first page after Jack had just unexpectedly voted for female sufferage as he thought women would vote for prohibition:

"But I thought you were a friend to John Barleycorn," Charmian interpolated. "I am. I was. I am not. I never am. I am never less his friend than when he is with me and when I seem most his friend. He is the king of liars. He is the frankest truthsayer. He is the august companion with whom one walks with the gods. He is also in league with the Noseless One. His way leads to truth naked, and to death. He gives clear vision, and muddy dreams. He is the enemy of life, and the teacher of wisdom beyond life's wisdom. He is a red-handed killer, and he slays youth."

Clever stuff.


Blogger gigglewick said...

Any novel which has blokes "unexpectedly voting" for women's suffrage is good with me.

"sufferage" on the other hand....

20/7/07 11:15  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

A fair point there 'wick. Once more I have unwittingly been part of the systemic patriachal hegemony.

22/7/07 08:06  

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