Tuesday, July 17, 2007

John Barleycorn Must Relive

Our gig at the Barleycorn approaches quickly.

Saturday the 28th of July will see us at the Barleycorn Hotel 177 Johnston St Collingwood. The mighty fine 7 Day Fools will no doubt be headlining that night so there are two good reasons to come along.

The mammothly successful badges that everybody liked so much last time? Yes, they'll be there so that makes it three good reasons to come along.

Silky's new Marshall AVT, Tedium's new Fender Hotrod and my new Tech 21 will all be making their stage débuts so there are a few more good reasons to come along.

And, of course, the audience will be treated to some hot rock. So who needs the other reasons!

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Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

See I was thinking of John Barleycorn Refuses to Die...not particularly catchy.

19/7/07 08:44  
Anonymous Pokemon said...

I think it's spelled "relieve". I was looking forward to a blog posting that was all about fall, scooters, and vacation. But this was a bonus.

19/7/07 22:22  
Blogger silky-D said...

I guess how it's spelled depends on what you want it to mean... meanwhile, stay tuned for our punk bootleg: John Barleycorn must revile

19/7/07 22:27  

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