Thursday, July 26, 2007

Uri thinks ink!

In just a matter of hours Uri Geller has responded to my plea for advice — from his Blackberry no less! He even left his number and asked me to give him a call! Inspired by Uri's words of support, which I include below, I am now prepared to tear up the stage at the Barleycorn Hotel on Saturday night. I also resolve myself to writing a song about the great man. Right now I am visualising a packed Barleycorn and a feel-good vibe. Let's get it on!

Uri's message:
Hi Silky forget the spoon bending its not important, you want to start becoming a positive thinker a person who will be motivated and inspired to allow the most amazing lyrics to flow into your mind, when I want good things to happen to me I visualise it entering my life. You sound like a nice individual and if you wish you may call me. Just make sure its between 10am and 10pm England time. Much energy Uri 4411(rest of number obscured by me to protect Uri's privacy) Uri Geller from my BlackBerry


Blogger tragicflyer said...

That's awesome! Awesome awesome awesome!

I can't express how awesomely awesome I think that is...

26/7/07 22:10  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Goodness me. But you seem okay on the lyric side of things...start concentrating on the most amazing music flowing in to your mind.

27/7/07 09:07  
Blogger silky-D said...

hmmmm.... good point. Should have asked him to telepathically send me that golden riff. Slightly disappointing that both 'Spoon Man' and 'The Gentle Art of Spoonbending' are taken as titles. And don't get me started on Texan indie darlings Spoon. I loved their first album and went to see them at the Corner and they delivered one of the most boring performances ever to grace that venue.

27/7/07 17:32  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

But the question everyone is asking is HAVE YOU CALLED HIM YET?!?!?! Surely this is an opportunity to good to miss. You could clear up the music/lyrics confusion...and you seem like a nice individual so I am sure it will go well. Do you think you'd get a grumpy Uri if you called outside the recommended hours?

27/7/07 19:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as unrelenting tedium suggested, you've so got to call him! maybe it would be fun to call him twice - once inside recommended calling hours, the other outside...
whatever, you'll be able to rock on tonight knowing that the spirit of uri is with you.

28/7/07 12:17  
Blogger Andy Fuller said...

as tragic flyer says, this is pretty awesome. are you thinking of contacting anyone else? will you send uri a copy of the cd when it is ready? i'm just an outsider to squid ink, but i think an album cover with a bent spoon on it would look pretty cool.

2/8/07 15:20  
Blogger silky-D said...

Hi Andy,
firstly, no-one is an outsider to Squid Ink. In the Squid Ink world there are only two kinds of people: the dudes and the fans. There are four dudes, everyone else is a potential fan. And we like to have a relationship of trust and closeness with our fans.
Re. the spoon, Crafty is the artist in our merry court and has thus been charged with coming up with some ideas for an album cover. Can't say too much but at the moment we're kicking around some ideas involving monkeys in fine hats, prostitute geisha monkeys, An animal Mount Rushmore and feet making fists. It's all pretty pedestrian stuff.
As far as the bent spoon thing goes, I think I get your vibe... I'm imagining the cover of Tubular Bells but with spoons?

2/8/07 15:29  

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