Friday, August 03, 2007

Uri song...

And there's a riff too! Most of this came to me in the shower this morning. Chorus is a bit like 'Let's spend the night together.' Still need a couple more verses. But have to do some actual work now.

I'm closing my eyes
gonna visualise
Ill sing you my song
how could it be wrong?

beautiful words
are flowing into me
melody lines
are cascading through me

I've been talking to uri geller
he sure seems like a decent fella
he's been giving me good advice
telling me I sound quite nice

I went looking for cheap gimmicks
but that aint what Uri brings
if you wanna beat the cynics
instead of bending a spoon try bending the strings

(Solo. This has to start with a big string bend and contain much string bending)

Cosmic breakdown bit (needs some flange here):

the magic came to uri
long ago in distant israel
the light from outer space
burned bright into his mind and cast a spell

the people came from all around
to see this young amazing man
the haters chased him out of town
they said he was a charlatan

He wrote to me
from his blackberry
taught me to see
my inner chuck berry


Anonymous Jimbo said...

I am worried about the association of Uri Geller with you showering. I think you should be showering only between 10am and 10pm his time. Otherwise the unions may object to him working in his dreams.

3/8/07 17:29  
Anonymous Chesty said...

I saw you guys play the other night - wow. I was all alone up the back so you probably didn't see me - I'm a shy girl but a like to party (quite the conundrum)

One suggestion though - can you wear less clothes when you play?

6/8/07 09:30  
Blogger silky-D said...

suggestion noted, chesty. we wish you many years of chesty happiness and no associated back pain.

6/8/07 10:33  
Blogger Paddy said...

Firstly Silky, that's a sterling effort. You've found ideal rhymes for both Uri Geller and his Blackberry. Keen to hear the accompanying riff.

And also welcome to you, Chesty. Yes, “wow” may be the only appropriate word to describe our party tunes the other night. Thank you.

I'm pretty sure I wore shorts on stage once if that helps.

6/8/07 18:32  
Blogger gigglewick said...

Do you pronounce "charlatan" to rhyme with "man" (or the reverse) or is this an example of lyrical assonance?

6/8/07 19:29  
Blogger silky-D said...

I intend to rhyme it...
although technically it's probably more half rhyme. But all of this takes me back to first year english tutorials that I probably wasn't paying much attention in and so, consequently, I may be wrong.
As a possibly boring aside, Eminem claims to have invented his own lyrical style, which he refers to as 'inside rhyme.' This involves rhyming as many times as you can within the line rather than just rhyming last words of succeeding or alternating lines. The poetry nerds on the internet are rather scathing as to whether there is anything even remotely novel about this, however.
Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues is an oft-cited example of pre-Eminem inside rhyming, as is the song that supposedly inspired Dylan, Too Much Monkey Business by Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry, of course, rhymes with Blackberry (or it's certainly more than a half rhyme -- maybe 90 per cent?)
If I was Eminem I would've got another one in there too (maybe pluck cherry?)But alas it seems I'm not destined to be the poet of my generation or any other generation, come to think of it.

8/8/07 15:46  
Anonymous mrazzy said...

Then there's the old classic "Moses supposes his toeses are roses" (as featured in Mother Goose collections everywhere and Singin' In the Rain in 1952) - that's pre-Chuck Berry (the charlatan).

8/8/07 16:26  
Blogger gigglewick said...

at the risk of being a poetry nerd (or not, when you see my example)...

surely the Beastie Boys -

"can't stand it i know you planned it i'm gonna set it straight this watergate"

is an earlier example? It's not the first time Eminem has claimed credit for something he didn't invent, I'm sure.

Subterranean Homestick Blues one of my favourite songs of all time.

Sad to note that the DVD of the Young Ones Season 2 does not include the cover version used in 'Cash'. Disappointing.

10/8/07 12:42  
Blogger silky-D said...

Yep, Slim Shady's credibility is in tatters. I agree about SHB, Gigglewick: it is surely no coincidence that Squid Ink's ouevre includes the live favourite Inter-species Carnality Blues.
Incidentally, are you familiar with Weird Al's classic hit Bob?
If not, you must immediately drop whatever you are doing and go to
If you are familiar with it, you should go there anyway just to watch it again. As far as I'm concerned this is about as good as it gets.

10/8/07 12:50  
Blogger lin said...


1/3/10 05:51  

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