Thursday, August 02, 2007

Objective review by impartial witness

Squid Ink were a band on fire at the Barleycorn on Saturday. Encouraged by a generous and friendly crowd — particularly good looking, as it was, and with badges everywhere you looked — and blessed with a judicious mix from Honorary Squid Neil the lads blazed through their set the way a shooting star blazes through the early-morning sky.

The Inks thrilled the audience with their searing opener Deadpan. Shock-and-awe tactics proved successful when their one-two punch of Nepotism and Hinny left the fans reeling from the impact. The performance art of the Squid Ink milieu had the fans expand their horizons to such songs as Crossbreed and Thin Walls.

By the time the redhot set approached its climax with such crowd-pleasers as Gonna Hear My Sound and Interspecies Carnality Blues the emotion reached a pitch that could start revolutions. And the band were in such a good mood that they went straight into their encore — Silky's energetic version of He's A Whore — without waiting to be asked.

This all came after the 7 Day Fools had vigorously shaken the Barleycorn with their winning soul-groove. What a Saturday's entertainment the fans got to partake in!

Add your agreement or perhaps a more objective review of the gig to the comments on this post.


Anonymous jimbo said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the gig. Had 'Hinny' stuck in my head for a solid 48 hours. That's a new record.

I couldn't help but notice the absence of some of the regular fans though. I am not troubled by this since it fits my plan to take the mantle of "Number 1 Ink Thinker"

2/8/07 20:55  
Blogger silky-D said...

you are, officially, the sweetest guy.

3/8/07 11:09  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Jimbo...I can't speak enough my relief. Paddy had, as usual, been playing fast and loose with my nerves by asking two very small groups of people (i.e. those who read this blog and those who atteneded the gig), and particularly the even smaller intersecting area of these two groups, to then rouse themselves to comment...I feared silence like that which followed the end of A Family's Mistake on saturday night in the comments area of this post.

I guess we need to get you a special badge for Number 1.

3/8/07 11:30  
Anonymous mrazzy said...

I was there, too, and I think Paddy's review was perfectly accurate. Can I be number 1(b)?

I hope there will be lyrics in your liner notes so that I can do better justice to the tunes stuck in my head. I concur that Hinny is the catchiest. Deadpan also sticks quite well.

May I also compliment the Squids on their perfectly choreographed stage moves? Very impressive. Can we look forward to Squids On Ice (with or without fish costumes)?Also extra points to Silky for his shirt-making handicrafts, and UT for his mournful howl for the tragic Tion.

3/8/07 12:56  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

At the risk of sounding like (more of) a suck-up, I also enjoyed the heckler with the bogan haircut getting dealt with for his 75 cents for Silky's shirt insult. I presume he wasn't with the band?

3/8/07 17:27  

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