Friday, August 24, 2007

Make up your own mind

The time has come to find out what we are truly made of. To genuinely know ourselves. To discover the limits. To probe the darkest crannies of our psyche and expose them before the harsh, cruel light of the public gaze.

Squid Ink prepare to return to the studio next week to complete tracking for our monster-hit-in-waiting full-length album due for release whenever we get around to it.

We had intended to complete the material a month ago but it was delayed when one particular band member went and ruined his voice on-stage a couple of days before he was supposed to record his vocal parts. This particular good-looking, bass-playing but unnamed band member is now in fine throatal health and ready to earn his heady paycheck with some hot singing for your pleasure.

A notable music critic has described one of our completed tracks as a “common Melbourne sound” which is a ringing endorsement, certainly. Another has said it reminded him of Fugazi with a touch of Bob Mould which is a description that caused Unrelenting Tedium — who wrote the song in question — to turn red in apoplexy.

Make your own mind up by clicking on Crossbreed


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

It's a genuinely nice thing to say but I just don't see either of them in there. Another noted critic has suggested there is a hint of the Stones in there...that I can hear but I have never much liked the Stones...but Mick said he doesn't much like Squid Ink so we will call it even.
Bring on Monday...I will bring the Arts Victoria "Victoria Rocks" grant application ready.

25/8/07 09:27  

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