Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Year Of The Ox

With births, sabbaticals, Olympiads, road trips and software releases out of the way 2009 can mean only one thing. The year of the Ox beckons Paddy forth to wear the skeleton suit as rock crashes down around us. Once more we have missed the opportunity to release a Christmas single but my work on Words From Ham continues...it may expand from taking in American Space Chimps to an open letter to Pete Ham...exciting stuff indeed. Rehearsals resume on Thursday, the first since the appearance of everybody's new favourite palindrome. Silky will have been screwing villa board to the studs and nogs of Uri and Paddy may well have turned viciously against more of his opera but will keep it to himself. We have levered our way in to the bakehouse but once more may be levered out as Thursdays cannot be an on-going concern for me (wifely calisthenics)...perhaps button-holing them may produce a Wednesday night...but I don't mind the Midian.


Blogger Dan said...

what a well-crafted post!

a small correction, though -- which I hope to submit more as a thought-provoking factoid than a caustic rejoinder...

an olympiad was not got ''out of the way'' in 2008. In fact, it's only -- as the Carpenters say -- just begun.

the term ''olympiad'' refers not to the olympic games itself but to a four-year period that begins on January 1 of an olympic year.

The current olympiad thus ends on the last day of 2011 when midnight's stroke ushers in the XXX Olympiad (the raunchiest olympiad of all).

London will host the games of the XXX Olympiad later that year.

I will not be able to make rehearsal for a couple of weeks around this time but will advise on dates closer to the mark.

did we ever establish whether Teenage Fanclub's Sparky's Dream was about space chimps, as I once theorised?

Either way, I am confident Modern Doug can best it, though I do like that little three-chord riff they do.

10/1/09 20:06  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Touche daniel...but as the boys across the road from Midian might say "watch out for my counter-six". For I am well aware of the meaning of olympiad (well I was after researching the post but prior to your comment) and I beleive it to be a logical truth that an olympiad was both completed and begun this year. I doubt I shall best sparky's dream.

11/1/09 09:39  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Also, after agreeing with Fluffy that your reading of the lyrics was "adventurous" as there is no real mention of monkey references that I could find in the short lyric sheet, and taking into account your startling Astrochimp fact, I have further to add...some googling has produced a children's reading book called "Sparky the Space Chimp - Endeavour Reading Programme Book 5". I am not sure if there are any paintings that never dry mind you.

12/1/09 14:40  
Blogger Dan said...

the whole theory is based on this book, which I recall fondly from childhood.

I still think I am right about the olympiad. the old olympiad ceases when the year (in this case 2007) ceases. As soon as it was 2008, the new olympiad began.

But we are engaged in the philosophy of liminality now and this is a notoriously difficult tiger to wrestle with (I seem to recall various problems involving how many grains of sand there are on a beach and, if removing them one grain at a time, when it ceases to be a beach). There is only one squid who has the brain power for such deep thought and he is something of an irregular contributor at the moment.

A nice coincidence. I slept in this morning and electrician arrived, while I slumbered, to give me a quote on some lighting and a fan for the alfresco area. My good wife -- who in typical fashion had read these posts but not commented -- came and woke me up and told me to cease my dreaming as the sparky had arrived. That's right, she cracked a funny. It does not happen often.

12/1/09 17:52  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Okay...I yeild on the olympiad but I am all the more annoyed because I used the word with the full understanding of its meaning and got it slightly wrong.
I am sorry if you had mentioned Sparky the Space Chimp but I had a look at the comments caused by the Laika Rolling Stone post and I didn't see it mentioned so I thought I had a major contribution on my hands...

12/1/09 19:20  
Blogger Paddy said...

It's still a beach until there 4336 grains of sand.

4336. That's the number.

13/1/09 09:37  

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