Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tyche Has An Eight Leg Hold On Us

I took leave from work on my Key to All Mythologies for a little trip to Brunswick. The 3RRR studios glowed in the lunchtime sun. The pale yellow brick of 1960s warehouse put me in mind of years spent at Kazari warehouse in the gloaming of the last century.
The first surpirse was that I didn't expect steps immediately inside the door. I was greeted at the reception by the friendly Kate who assured me I was very lucky to have won. Out came a friendly bearded chap and assured me I was very lucky to have won. We all smiled silently to each other as we reflected on my luck, particularly for having won. then the bearded man went off to fetch the bounty. He was immediately replaced in front of my by a friendly woman who appeared from out the back who assured me I was very luck to have won. By now I was starting to run dry on my "you bet"s, "oh yes, indeed"s and "very grateful"s (for we are very grateful!). Friendly bearded man re-appeared with large box and assured me I was lucky. Kate then took a few sharp pictures of me looking sharp, and lucky, next to the large box and I made my way out of the building, after appropriate thank yous, to a chorus that sounded not unlike the chained prisoner in the Life of Brian (you luck lucky bastrad...they must think the sun shines out of your arse).
I could not take the guilt that this luck, and more accurately this over assurance of luck brought, so the next morning I set out by steed at first light once more to Brunswick town and dumped the large box on Paddy. Has he opened it?

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Blogger Fluffy said...

As I'm sure you now know (having spent the last few hours in the company of the lads) Paddy has not yet opened the large box. But a long weekend looms and there are plans to see what all this incredible luck has brought.

29/10/08 20:24  
Blogger silky-D said...

correct response is: "yes and we would copnsider ourselves a lot fucking luckier if any of you people played any of the multiple copies of our album we have left with you."

30/10/08 10:33  

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