Thursday, July 17, 2008

Space Is The Place

How things have changed at Midian. Is Mr Midian ever coming back? I liked that when I called to book the room for rehearsal he recognised my voice. Now there seems to be an ever-rotating cast of what can best be described as dudes. It's like the actor who plays a central charcter in one of your favourite shows changing every week. I found it tremendously annoying in Palindromes that the main actress kept changing around (that Todd Solondz certainly knows how to confornt my middle class values and shock me out of my complacent rut I can tell you!), even more annoying than the creeping feeling throughout the film that it was a bit duff. In any event next week we find ourselves in what I consider our holiday home, Room 6. It's not as comfy or familiar as Room 8 but we have had some great times in there. The short entrance hall gives Room 6 a grander feel but it lacks the door on the jaunty angled wall that makes Room 8 feel so modern and forward thinking.


Anonymous mrazzy said...

Hi Squiddies,
Further to the cowbell discussion, Max Headroom on Triple R is having a special on the cowbell this Thursday at 7pm. If nothing else, afterwards you should find some choice cowbell numbers when they post their playlist:

11/8/08 09:17  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Good news for squid(ink) fanatics - a documentary on the colossal squid will be on the Discovery Channel later this month

21/8/08 15:37  

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