Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terrible Twos

Something momentous happened aroundabout last Sunday. This blog turned two. Thanks for noticing everybody. What'd you get us?

I didn't get a gift for the blog but the blog has given me plenty over the years. So many golden memories. The time Doug first fell for Hinnies, the time Silky-D went to Sydney and Qantas lost his guitar, the time Paddy's speaker cabinet exploded, the time Crafty ... ummm... posted. So many connections and misconnections, so much lyrical workshopping, so many workplace hours wasted.

June 2006 was a simpler time when squids worried more about whether to have kebabs or pizza (and what kind of sauce to have on that kebab, and whether it should be complimentary or not) and rather less about home loan interest rates, kitchen rennovations and just how much crying do they mean when they talk about controlled crying in the baby squid books?


Blogger Paddy said...

Good catch there. Happy birthday to the blog. Indeed, hooray for everything!

30/6/08 11:59  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Two happy is petering somewhat now and I am aware that I noted I had a post in the tank at last rehearsal...yet where is it! It shall thrive once more.

30/6/08 13:49  

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