Sunday, March 16, 2008

When rappers use powerpoint

It's the height of laziness to put up a post that is just a link to somebody else's post but I'm a lazy guy, nobody else is posting anything and I'm at work on a Sunday with some spare time on my hands.

The pic above is from the very loveable Madhattan Nights blog, which has a pretty cool series of hip hop songs expressed as bar graphs, flow charts etc.

It's a bit of an old joke but I still like it.

In other news I went to see a band! Two actually, as it was a Dirtbombs/Datsuns double bill with the Detroit natives cruelly relegated to support status.

The dirtbombs were pretty awesome, despite being handed the old 'opening act handicap' of shithouse sound. Mick Collins oozed more charisma than is to be expected from an overweight blind man with a receding hairline and no fashion sense. He looked at the fretboard a lot when playing (even more than me) which leads me to believe that his whole 'blindness schtick' is just a cynical ploy for record sales.

He also karate kicked and waggled his ass while playing blistering solos, none of which are things that I do.

The Datsuns were extremely competent musicians with incendiary stagecraft but the dullest set of songs you have ever heard. Scarcely a memorable note, let alone a hummable chorus. By the end I was yearning for them to launch into Gunna Hear My Sound.

Or is it Gonna Hear My Sound?

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