Sunday, January 06, 2008

Squid Din-Dins: A Second Helping

To yarraville, to yarraville, to eat a band dinner.

Silky-d and the ever-commenting Lady Silk hosted the finest of barbeques and not for them the lazy out of a few sausages and veggie burgers. The stage for Yarraville's famous "Wild West" festival transmogrified into an outdoor decking for the evening as we patiently awaited the cool change upon the spotted gum.

I would like to take this most public of forums to say what a splendid evening it was and what a welcome addition Fluffy made to the shindig.

It looks like no gigs will be possible before the New Zealand interlude due to being-unable-to-get-gigs-at-any-other-time-so-why-should-now-be-any-different and Today Tonight apparently having a constant tail on at least two of the band members just waiting for a story and a gig would be all the juice they need.

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Blogger Fluffy said...

The sheer quality of it all! The bar is set intimidatingly high but I'd like to put on a Squid-do. Do we have to wait till D&K Silk return from the Shaky Isles? Can we Skype? Conference call? MSN?

I did feel most warmly welcomed!

9/1/08 21:13  
Blogger silky-D said...

you should've seen the Indian feast over at Park Mansions. Pomegranate Raita? Why thank you, don't mind if I do.

10/1/08 12:03  

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