Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here Comes the Axe, Here Comes the Smasher

Hot and happy times at Ink Mansions. This evening will see the first rehearsal in...at least 6 weeks...and that one was preceded by some cancelations also (I fear we may still owe Midian one rehearsal's worth). Time once was that gigs created the fizzle but we are in a regroup and rebuild phase and the anticipation is large. So far as I know, no new songs are in the pipe but we have several that have only had the barest of scrapings in band time...Rabbit Army, Easy To Do and Tongue Tied immediately spring to mind.

Also! We have a supporter in the Black Francis approved non-mainstream media. The young turk over at Melbourne Music is the younger brother of a veteran of the Squid Ink live circuit. I passed him the hot first track of the hot (if it ever appears) album and he reviewed it here. The review is interesting as it comes from a man who devotes his energies almost entirely to avant garde and contemporary orchestral music. He has offered to write liner notes...I am not sure...it would be nice to have non-band-member liner notes but tradition would have us hold them back for the re-issue in several years time.

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Blogger Paddy said...

This is splendid news. Mr Fuller has given a genuinely fair appraisal of the song apart from not happening to mention that it is life-changing, smokin' hot rock. He astutely gathered that we have no intention of making people dance.

However I think it is important to note that this article of his marks the first time my full name is found next to the URL of this blog — so, hello to all you googlers out there! I'm feeling fine. How are you?

Very much looking forward to rehearsing again: we are going to nail Rabbit Army. Axes at the ready…

11/12/07 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Squid Ink,
Thank you for mentioning my review of your track. I enjoy the humour and enthusiasm of your blog.
Of course I would be happy to write the liner notes for the re-issue in several years. My provisional title is: why i was wrong about Squid Ink and Melbourne Music.
I had a feeling that I was going to get in trouble about the dancing comment. My point is that each music implies a different physical response. Would moshing be appropriate at a Squid Ink gig? I guess moshing is associated with grunge and heavy metal.
My apologies, Paddy, for mentioning your name.
Looking forward to hearing about the rehearsal.

18/12/07 11:39  

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