Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where Have My Calluses Gone: A Poem

Here is a pathetic poem (it barely rhymes and has no consistent meter).
But it is a crie d'coeur.

Where have my calluses gone?
Why do I play cricket and put my fingers at risk?
Because i know they'd heal faster
Than a prolapsed disc

I only see paddy at training
I don't see crafty at all
I speak to silky on the electric telephone
But what kind of friend only calls?

There are no new songs to write
And it makes my heart hurt
I can't even give people the album
Becauese there's no art work

Soon I'll be a busy father
of a son of whom I'm proud
And as soon as silky's better we lose him
to the land of the long white cloud

Things must be pretty bad
and the ball must have been dropped
if there's no bookings in at Midian
and the blogging has been stopped

Will we ever launch the album?
Will eight legs ever hold me?


Anonymous mrazzy said...

What a very poignant and beautifully written poem. I think we all feel the loss of active squid input into our lives these days (although it was nice to bump into you at Bunnings the other day - you'll be pleased to hear our tomatoes have been effectively staked and are growing great guns).

We will all miss Silky when he goes. But you know, Aotearoa is really very close. He'll be back before you can say "I heard John Barleycorn has pulled through and will be living to a ripe old age after all".

n.b. I would never usually start a sentence with 'but', but Silky told me it was ok because the sentence is his bitch.

23/11/07 10:00  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Thank you very much Mrazzy. I had falled into further despair (is it possible?) when Paddy informed me, at training of course, that no one blogs anymore...I thought my poem would be a cry in outer space...are we all waiting for web 3.0?

Great news on the tomatoes..I was speaking to Sammy (old italian neighbour), or more accurately I was nodding whilst trying to understand what the dickens he was on about..and he is a keen advocate of pruning the lower branches and any runners as they grow...I did no such thing last year and got an enormous crop of what i thought was high quality. Do you prune?

23/11/07 10:09  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Also...I will split infinitives...rampantly over use elipses...but I will never end a sentence with a preposition (unless I forget). Something clearly absent from the Fairfax media style guide!

23/11/07 10:14  
Blogger Paddy said...

I too am quite unhappy
To be silenced in this way
My voice is to be shared
I have such things to say

My blogging should be loud
And long and free and proud
It should be heard by the crowd
In the land of the long white cloud

But I too have not been blogging
And I feel inadequate
With that and lock of rocking
I guess I must equate

No rock! No rock! How sad...
I, too, sorely miss the band
I played my bass last night
To myself, but felt moribund

As I need the dudes - the dudes! -
To make the bass worthwhile
I play alone and on my own
I just don't have the style.

No rock and no posts
And no album.


23/11/07 17:42  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Paddy, if that was set to music I am sure it would be the first single off the second album. Fine and affecting work.

26/11/07 14:59  

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