Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hinny Comes In Handy

A young colt at work approached me with the exciting news that he had used 'hinny' in a game of scrabulous. Possibly you, like me, had never heard of scrabulous...well it's scrabble only online. Chris, (for it is he!) veteran of the Squid Ink live circuit, deployed it to great effect over a double word score only for some brigand to challenge it as a word. That ne'er-do-well just cost himself his turn for his trouble! He now knows, as we do, that hinnies are all too real!

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Anonymous Jimbo said...

I too have had similar Scrabulous troubles. How was I to know that "mnemosyne" was a proper noun?

10/10/07 14:04  
Blogger silky-D said...

scrabulous sounds like a disease I once picked up when I was in the navy. damned foreign whores.

10/10/07 15:37  

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