Monday, October 01, 2007


As Big Chief Squid Wrangler I have been constructing a platform for when the Emperor Squid descends. In the meantime I thought it prudent to put on a music festival. I approached Clare Bowditch to headline Thornstock! but she rebuffed me as she is moving to Coburg and is already in bed with the organisers of Coburg Daze.
Fortunately, Mama Tedium was on hand to rock the crowd made up almost exclusively of Papa Tedium. Keen observers will recognise the local furry squids busying themselves in preparation for the Emperor Squid's landing.
The Squids had taken the stage earlier in the day and Paddy, looking splendid in his skeleton suit, played a three-hour solo bass tribute to Leonard Bernstein.


Blogger Paddy said...

We don't need no air guitar to provide stagecraft inspiration. Mama Tedium shows us how it's done.

2/10/07 10:25  
Blogger silky-D said...

I thought it was very rock, the way your mum drank all of Ships and Thieves' rider.

2/10/07 11:05  
Anonymous mrazzy said...

Wow. I've also seen the platform that Silky D is building for the Emperor Squid at his place. Should I be stocking up on drygoods for the coming armageddon (tentacle-geddon)?

3/10/07 14:07  

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