Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spine Tingling

If only we really were invertebrates like our namesakes...then Silky would not be fighting for his life in a town near Adelaide. Lying on a couch with a prolapsed disk is not a common posture for a cephalopod but with the melange of pain-killers and tranquilisers in his blood stream Silky may believe himself to be all manner of things including spineless (not suggesting Silky is in anyway spineless). So this is a message to the fans (fan? possibly no one) to let them know that a calamity has struck and we are on hiatus for a couple of weeks whilst we get Lengthy Squid back on his feet.
Don't worry, we are busy in the meantime...Crafty is hot on the cover art...Paddy is perfecting his five bass orchestra tribute to Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes...and I am working, with the help of the local furry squids, on a lead-free poultice for Silky.

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